Pre-Production Noir

Everyone in our group worked on preparation and shooting film.


Viktorija Strazdaite – Police Officer and Hostage

Jordan Alexis-Ebanks – Tief

Liam Gallacher – Civilian 1

Adil Hassan – Civilian 2


Viktorija Strazdaite     Liam Gallacher       Adil Hassan


Voice Over

Adil Hassan    Liam Gallacher

I Haven’t use them in my trailer


Everyone was working on the own costume. As a group we have a look for each one before we stared to film, to make sure that costumes are right for the scene.

Viktorija Strazdaite – Police Officer and Hostage

Jordan Alexis-Ebanks – Tief

Liam Gallacher – Civilian 1

Adil Hassan – Civilian 2

And from us a Big Thank for Stuart Thorne to staying with us and care about our cloth and bags while we was filming.


We divided our trailer for a scene and we gave an each scene fro everyone to write a scripts.

Viktorija Strazdaite

Jordan Alexis-Ebanks

Liam Gallacher (Storyboard)

Adil Hassan


For our filming we used a Canon legria HF R SERIES which college offer for us. Camera was easy to use for all the group and everybody knows who use it.

The Led spotlight we use for some of the scenes to give an effective shadows and to light up dark scenes.


Everything was filmed in the Kingston Upon Themes.

Scene 1 and Scene 3:screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-13-07-40

Scene one was filmed by address below:

Perry Court 26-28
Old London Rd Kingston upon Thames

First when we planed we choose different area which is a street in Lavender Walk, Clapham Junction. It was ideal location for scenes. Unfortunetly our camera hadn’t enough charge and we haven’t check it before, which was our mistake and haven’t pay attention in the begging. Then we decide to change location and proper better for the filming.


Scene 2 and Scene 4:

Those two scenes we filmed in the class room at our college. Address is below:

Kingston college class
55 Richmond Rd
Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BP

We used different part of the room to make it look a bit different. But I think it was our mistake. After when I start to edit i can see that those scenes looks a bit same and you can see that it was filmed in one room


Scene where Civilian #1 is walking down the street with his bag and  robber steals the bag and runs around the corner with bag, realising there was a police who witnessed the crime the thief frantically runs up behind civilian #2 and hands bag to him robber escapes down alleyway civilian confused looks in bag then looks up and back – police man runs around corner civilian realises that police are now chasing him civilian begins running –  is now being chased by police doesn’t catch him but civilian is now wanted man.


search scene – Whilst on the computer in dark, robber is trying to look at news on computer and the broadcast to see if bag was found and bag wasn’t found.


Searching scene – Robber looking on the street to find the bag, however, the thief doesn’t find it. nonetheless, thief finds civilians drivers licence.


Hostage situation – Goes to civilian house and takes his wife hostage and threatens the civilian with murdering his wife.